The global economy...are you a player?


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"The global economy gave business the ability to market products and services all over the globe.  It has also allowed them to develop partnerships and alliances throughout the world, which has become essential for success in today's business." (Economist)

The IMF forecasts that in the next five years emerging economies will grow at an average of 6.8% a year, whereas the developed economies will notch up only 2.7%.  Furthermore, emerging economies currently account for 43% of the world's exports and are expected to underpin the majority of global economic growth for the foreseeable future.  The combination of an increased willingness of these countries to engage in free trade along with the proliferation of technologies such as the Internet, has resulted in an increasingly efficient market enabling buyers to access goods from the most efficient producers and vice versa.iew information tailored to each of these areas.

A world of opportunities...

Image Whether you are a buyer looking to source quality products at the lowest prices, a seller looking to bring your products to new markets or an investor seeking to maximize your return on investment, you can't afford to ignore the opportunities offered by the world's fastest growing economies.  Growth rates in these emerging economies far out pace that of established ones and are both a cause and direct outcome of why these are now viable markets as well as potential points of origin for almost any goods and services. 

David Shane writes, "Technology and trade separate the economy into two camps -- those with the skills to participate in the global economy and those who lack them." Which camp are you in?

Africa: The new frontier...

While conventional wisdom may dictate that China, India, Malaysia, Brazil and others like them may be the first such countries that one thinks of within the context of emerging forces in the global economy, African countries have also made great strides in integrating with the international free market system.  In fact, it is precisely these countries which hold the greatest potential for growth and indeed have demonstrated remarkable progress in producing goods for the international market as well as creating markets for import. 

Uncovering hidden gems...

The Economic Freedom Index noted in 2004 that Ethiopia offered the second most improved business climate in the world. Building on this favorable climate, Ethiopian companies have increasingly improved their capacity to produce critical commodities and export them to buyers largely in the EU and China over the last couple of years at exceptionally competitive prices.  At the same time, imports of various goods and services (particularly from the US and China) have increased exponentially from 2004 to 2006.

Profitable Advantages...

An exceptionally low labor cost index, favorable trade and business policies and significant foreign direct investment are not the only reasons to strongly consider doing business in or with Ethiopia.  For many products imported from Ethiopia to the US, buyers can receive an automatic 17% discount by virtue of the zero tariff benefit provided via Ethiopia's designation as an AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) eligible country.

Unlocking potential...

Emergent Global can help you unlock the value that can be realized from engaging in US-Ethiopia trade activities.  We provide the full range of services required to get deals done and support continued business whether the business at hand is exporting from Ethiopia to the US or vice versa.  Additionally, we also provide investor-opportunity matchmaking services to connect investors with the opportunities they seek and existing/established businesses in Ethiopia with the capital inflow that can help make them stronger competitors.  Visit our US-Ethiopia Trade page for more information or the Exporter, Importer & Investor service areas of our website to view information tailored to each of these areas.


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